Friday, January 22, 2010

Eclipse / Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts for TDD Calculator kata

Tonight I tried out the TDD Calculator kata in Eclipse.

As part of the process, I searched for equivalent keyboard shortcuts in Eclipse, and came up with the following quick comparison:

EclipseVisual Studio
with Resharper
Ctrl-F6Ctrl-TabJump between Classes
Ctrl-F7Ctrl-Tab-LeftArrowJump between Views
Alt-Shift-Q,PCtrl-Alt-LJump to Package / Solution Explorer
Ctrl-Shift-WAlt-W,LClose All Editor Windows
Ctrl-Shift-F8F5Go to Debug (Switch Perspectives)
Alt-Shift-X, TCtrl-R-A(VS)
Run All Tests
Alt-Shift-D, TCtrl-R,Ctrl-T(VS)
Run Contextual Test in Debug Mode
F2Alt-Enter OR Alt-Shift-F10Show refactoring suggestions
Alt-Shift-MCtrl-R-MExtract Method
Alt-Shift-VCtrl-R-OMove Class to another Namespace
Ctrl-7 (toggle)Ctrl-K-CComment a block of code
Ctrl-7 (toggle)Ctrl-K-UUncomment a block of code


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